'Painting is very easy
when you don't know how.
When you do know,
it is very difficult.'

Edgar Degas
(1834 - 1917)

klimmende man

The People

Benno Baksteen
- expert aviation
- expert learning culture

Max Drenth
- legal philosopher
- PhD in philosophical ethics

Former Members

Our History

DEGAS, the Dutch Expert Group Aviation Safety, reformed into an independent Advisory Council on November 1, 2011. This decision was driven by the fact that several organizations in domains other than aviation had asked us to help them understand and perhaps adopt the aviation approach to safety and quality.

DEGAS was originally founded by Royal Decree on January 17, 2008 as an Advisory Council on Civil Aviaton Safety for a four year period, back-dated to its actual start of operations on November 1, 2007. We reported to the Minister of Transportation and Waterworks.

In the wake of austerity measures the Cabinet decided not to renew the DEGAS charter, upon which we decided to continue our work as an independent advisory council.