'Painting is very easy
when you don't know how.
When you do know,
it is very difficult.'

Edgar Degas
(1834 - 1917)

klimmende man

The People

Benno Baksteen
- expert aviation
- expert learning culture

Max Drenth
- legal philosopher
- PhD in philosophical ethics

Former Members

The original DEGAS composition was two international members, two Dutch members and a secretariat. The international members were Bill Vos from the USA, at the time President and CEO at the Flight Safety Foundation, and Per-Arne Skogstad from Norway, at the time Partner at Kreab and before that DG Aviation (six years) and DG Justice Department (eight years).

The secretariat provided both administrative and research support, was hosted by the NLR, the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory, and was coördinated by Udo Dees, at the time Senior Consultant at the Air Transport Safety Institute of the NLR.