'Painting is very easy
when you don't know how.
When you do know,
it is very difficult.'

Edgar Degas
(1834 - 1917)

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2012  Remmende voorsprong

A Crippling Lead

The national context of the safety audit (below) of Dutch Aviation in 2011.

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The Safety of Dutch Aviation in 2011 (SDA)

An audit by NLR of the total aviation safety cycle, commissioned by DEGAS

In Dutch only

Development of international rules and standards

Development of International Aviation Rules and Standards

The international context of the SDA

It has been a long ride for civil aviation in Europe to reach today´s organization and level of safety. Reaching this level has brought strong confidence to authorities and the public about how safe it is to fly. The number of accidents has fallen over the years and so has the number of fatalities. EU has over the years since 2003 taken over responsibility through EASA for the development of common regulations within all fields of aviation safety. The whole system is based upon the principle of shared responsibility between national authorities and EASA.

However, all over Europe Flight Safety Foundation has seen a development going the wrong way. Recently the Foundation pointed out that aviation authorities lack competent personnel, especially operations inspectors. There is a need for governments to address this problem by giving the national CAAs the funds needed and the necessary flexibility to attract skilled pilots and other personnel to fill the open positions. Only in a tight co-operation with national CAAs will EASA be able to keep up today´s level of flight safety.