Terms & Conditions

By purchasing a license you agree to the following terms and conditions:

DEGAS retains the copyright on all of the videos. A license is valid till two years after the date of purchase.

The purchaser of a personal license may use the videos in live events such as presentations, lectures, talks and classroom sessions, but may not post them online (including intranet systems), or show them on any broadcast media.

The purchaser of an intranet license may post the videos on the intranet it was purchased for if this does not exceed the number of users stated in the license. If that intranet grows after the purchase, the license remains valid for the full two years.

Users of that intranet may use the videos in the same way as mentioned above for the holder of a personal license, but only for in-house events.

The videos may not be altered, reproduced, distributed, incorporated into other products, or resold.

About the licenses

A license is valid for two years and will not renew automatically, so no need to cancel. All prices are without VAT. During the check-out process the VAT, if applicable, will be added conform EU regulations. Our payment provider, Stripe, uses direct and secure connections. No transaction data are send to or through the DEGAS website.

All videos are 16:9 HD in mp4 format. The price of a two-year personal license is € 5,- for an individual video, or € 17,50 for a bundle of all videos. The price of a two-year intranet license depends on the size of the intranet. An intranet license is always valid for all videos.

In most cases you will land on a page with a direct-download link after the check-out. In all cases we will send an email with this link. So checking your email address after entering and before submitting is not a bad idea. Furthermore we will send a seperate email with your invoice. The invoice number is also your license number.

English-language videos

License for intranets

Up to 100 users  -  € 175,-

Up to 1,000 users  -  € 350,-

Up to 10,000 users  -  € 700,-

More than 10,000 users  -  € 1400,-


Personal license

All videos (seven items)  -  € 17,50

Video Overview  -  € 5,-

Video Just Culture  -  € 5,-

Video Story Telling  -  € 5,-

Video In-depth Analysis  -  € 5,-

Video Rules are Tools  -  € 5,-

Video Part of a Whole  -  € 5,-

Video Resilience  -  € 5,-